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October 25th, 2005 @ 10:56am (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

driving through connecticutt in my rented mitzubishi lancer, listening to holly. fall reminds me of boston. reminds me of new england…reminds me that i wasn’t supposed to drive my rental car out of new england – while i was headed towards Vassar in upstate new york.

boston in the fall is gorgeous. fall in vancouver means rain until may. fall in boston means… autumn… rain…winter is coming… snow…chilly….cold…white christmas. you don’t get many of those around here – i don’t think a nice layer of ‘frost’ really counts. leaves, punkins’, sound of fireworks and firecrackers off in the distance…

there was this one time i went as a “present” for halloween. basically a big box with holes cut in the sides and top for my arms and head. covered in wrapping paper and a bow on my head.
i made the mistake of putting the arm holes on the sides; how the heck was i supposed to hold out my candy bag in front of me? my arms couldn’t both reach.
in retrospect, i should have cut the holes in the front… instead, i tried to staple the bag to the front of my box costume. that didn’t work very well since as it filled it candy it got heavier and heavier and wouldn’t hold. i think most kids use pillow cases anyway…but i digress

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