Vancouver Icons: Girl in a Wetsuit

Friday, June 10th, 2011 — 10:47am PDT
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On this day in Vancouver history, June 10, 1972, the Girl in a Wetsuit statue was revealed just off the north shore of Stanley Park. She was commissioned by Douglas Brown, a local lawyer, who approached sculptor Elek Imredy in 1968. He wanted the statute to be based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Mermaid that sits in the water in Copenhagen. I wrote more about our Girl in a Wetsuit’s history in 2008.


The Little Mermaid
Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid. Photo credit: hoangnt on Flickr

Girl in a Wetsuit


Photo credit: blueviking63 on Flickr

Girl in a Wetsuit, Vancouver
Photo credit: Taylor McConnell on Flickr

Photo credit: Wendy North on Flickr

harbour with statue DSC03128
Photo credit: (Left) tgreyfox (Right) cwagdom on Flickr

Girl in a Wetsuit
Photo credit: Matthew Kendall on Flickr

Lady in Swimsuit

Stanley Park Fishermen
Photo credit: Larissa Sayer on Flickr

Girl in a wetsuit
Photo credit: Ben Shepherd on Flickr

Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver
Photo credit: sallylondon on Flickr

Over the years our Girl out there in the water has been the subject of many photos, a resting place for animals and birds, and sometimes she’s been dressed up to support the local sports team.

Girl In A Wetsuit
Photo credit: PiscesDreamer on Flickr

Girl In A Wetsuit In A Team Canada Jersey
Photo credit: Clayton Perry on Flickr

Girl in Wetsuit
Photo credit: flinner! on Flickr

Photo credit: Philip Tong on Flickr

Girl In A Wetsuit
Photo credit: Philip Tong on Flickr

The Girl in a Wetsuit
Photo credit: Michael Schmidt on Flickr

Celebrity Infinity sailing past the Woman in a Westsuit Sculpture, Vancouver, British Columbia

Woman in a Wetsuit, Vancouver, British Columbia

Girl In A Wetsuit
Photo credit: Philip Tong on Flickr

Previous Vancouver Icons posts include: The Sun Tower, The Hotel Vancouver, The Gassy Jack Statue, The Marine Building, and The Angel of Victory. Should you have a suggestion for the Vancouver Icons series please feel free to leave a note in the comments. It should be a thing, statue, or place that is very visible to the public every day.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the great post! Always enjoy reading your blog. For Vancouver icons, as someone who works in tourism, I can think of many… Some which immediately spring to mind are:
    – steamclock
    – the downtown Vancouver Public Library
    – Lions Gate Bridge
    – the VAN-EAST cross
    – the red lit entrance sign to Granville Island (hanging under the bridge)
    – science world dome
    – vancouver convention centre
    – orca statue outside of the aquarium

    … And I’m sure there are many more you could do also, depending on what you define as a ‘Vancouver Icon’. I look forward to reading about them!

  2. Heather D says:

    Hi Rebecca, love the local history & photos. More suggestions:
    – Carnegie Library in DTES
    – Nat Bailey stadium (or whatever they call it now)
    – Fort Langley, if Icons includes GVRD. Where else in BC has had a cannon battle?!
    – the Lions (peaks)
    – surviving remnants of Expo 86 (buildings & art) – or was that covered during the 25th anniversary?

  3. I am from Vancouver, B.C. Canada, born and raised. I live in California now and my favorite memory is of Stanley Park and the girl in the wetsuit picture. Thanks for posting!!!

  4. eschelle says:

    I have always loved that Hans Christian Anderson statue and I can’t help but love taking pictures of our wonderful “Girl in a Wetsuit”, just as awesome as a visit to Siwash rock.

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