Shopping on Robson Street in the 1970s

Thursday, October 20th, 2016 — 10:43am PDT
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Stretching from BC Place to Stanley Park, Robson Street has been one of the city’s most popular thoroughfares, and shopping destinations, for the last century. Thanks to the City of Vancouver Archives, we can take a peek at what this bustling retail corridor looked like decades ago.

Shopping on Robson Street in the 1970s

Archives# COV-S587-: CVA 69-22-: CVA 69-22.10

Archives# COV-S587-: CVA 69-25-: CVA 69-25.01

Archives# COV-S587-: CVA 69-29-: CVA 69-29.18

COV-S587-: CVA 69-25-: CVA 69-25.05

COV-S587-: CVA 69-23-: CVA 69-23.25

COV-S587-: CVA 69-25-: CVA 69-25.10

COV-S587-: CVA 69-22-: CVA 69-22.28

COV-S587-: CVA 69-29-: CVA 69-29.27

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