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Archives Photos of the Day: Competitions

September 22nd, 2010 @ 2:23pm by Rebecca Bollwitt

Browsing the Vancouver Archives digital collection I sometimes sort my search by category or keyword. The following is a compilation of old-timey images from our city’s past, all having to do with “competitions”. Year: 1918 In this photo: Military Sports, sack fight on beam Photographer: Stuart Thomson Vancouver Archives Item #: CVA 99-638 Year: 1928 […]

Own a Piece of BC Place and Vancouver History

September 21st, 2010 @ 10:10am by Rebecca Bollwitt

BC Place’s iconic roof has been deflated in exchange for a massive cable-supported cloth retractable roof that will forever change the Vancouver skyline. Even though the marshmallow-like roof is no longer being used, you can now purchase a slice in support of the BC Sports Hall of Fame. Photo credit: John Bollwitt on Flickr Video […]

Aerial Photos of Vancouver – From Vancouver History

September 14th, 2010 @ 11:04am by Rebecca Bollwitt

Some of my favourite old photos of Vancouver are aerials, taken from planes that have soared above the city for decades. It’s hard to match up the old photos with new ones either that I take myself or that I find on Flickr so the following compilation is simply archived imagery. As I spent my […]

Britannia Mine Museum

September 13th, 2010 @ 1:00pm by Rebecca Bollwitt

The Britannia Mine Museum is re-launching next weekend after a name change (from the BC Mining Museum), refreshed logo, and updated visitor experience on the grounds of the old Britannia Mine, about 10km south of Squamish. John and I were invited up for the day to check out the grounds, the new buildings, and go […]

Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

August 31st, 2010 @ 4:03pm by Rebecca Bollwitt

One of downtown’s hidden gems is the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, just off Georgia, on Hornby Street. Here you’ll find a breathtaking collection of Reid’s art that varies from wire sculptures and a diamond necklace, to tribute carvings and statues. I was fortunate enough to be given a private tour from Bill’s […]

Archive Photos of the Day: Elvis

August 31st, 2010 @ 11:33am by Rebecca Bollwitt

On this day in Vancouver history, Elvis Presley performed one song at Empire Stadium before he had to leave the stage due to crazed fans battling with local police. He came back on stage after a few minutes and played four more songs [source]. The screams from the crowd were so loud that no one […]

Vancouver History: Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

August 25th, 2010 @ 9:45am by Rebecca Bollwitt

On this day 50 years ago, Premier W.A.C. Bennett officially opened the Second Narrows Bridge. This was the second “Second Narrows Bridge” replacing the other that was built in 1925. The First Narrows being the Lions Gate Bridge, this additional crossing provided broader access to the North Shore and Coastal Mountains and contributed to Vancouver’s […]

Archives Photo of the Day: August 23, 2010

August 23rd, 2010 @ 4:00pm by Rebecca Bollwitt

Since the PNE is in full swing this week, today’s archives photo is one of the fair’s lost buildings (and one of the most unique I’ve seen). The “Women’s Building” at the Vancouver Exhibition (now the PNE). Located on the Hastings fair grounds, this was originally called the Industrial Building in 1910. Year: 1918 Photographer: […]