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Name: Vancouver Blog Miss 604
Founded: November 2004, Rebecca Bollwitt
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“Credited with paving the way for today’s numerous Vancouver bloggers, Miss604 is a revolutionary site that first recognized the potential of posting content beyond the diary genre…”
Blogging At Its Best, Vancouver View Magazine

“Also known as the brains behind miss604, Vancouver’s own sweetheart has been known among locals as the go-to blog that caters specifically towards the city’s events.”
Canada’s Most Beautiful, Vancouver Observer

“…Rebecca’s blog is, in my opinion, one of the few truly Vancouver-specific blogs out there, that lacks the sort of pomp and upper-crust pitfalls that plague many of the city’s self proclaimed Vancouver-specific blogs…”
Matthew Good on The Tyee

“There is a certain charm to reading about the life of a female twenty something in Vancouver, and although I can’t quite put my finger on what that something is, the blog Miss 604 has it in spades.”
Metro News – Vancouver

“Podcaster, hyper-local blogger, new media outreach wiz, mainstream media pundit ~ Vancouver’s new ‘blogebrity,’…”
Vancouver Tech Women to Watch in 2008

“As an erstwhile and once again Vancouver resident, Rebecca Bollwitt studiously documents the goings-on of the city’s burgeoning metropolitan and digerati scenes… Her smart and sassy writing style combined with her penchant for wearing way-too small geek shirts makes Miss604 a must-read, and her honest-to-god technology credentials give her the chops to go a few rounds with the best of ‘em…”’s Sexy Geeks

Awards & Judging Events and Rebecca Bollwitt have graciously been recognized locally and nationally.

Published Articles

Articles published by Rebecca Bollwitt on other sites and in other publications:


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Event Sponsorship

Events sponsored by sixty4media and/or

Speaking Engagements

Workshops, lectures, and conference speaking engagements by Rebecca Bollwitt.

Broadcast TV Exposure

Television interviews and shows.

  • CTV News at Noon, November 2011
  • CBC Evening News, August 2011
  • CBC Evening News, July 2011
  • CTV CanadaAM National Morning News, June 2011
  • Urban Rush, May 2011
  • CBC News (French), February 2010
  • CBC News, January 2010
  • Global BC New, November 2009
  • CBC – News (French), May 2009
  • Canucks TV Promo Spots [2008-2009 NHL Season]
  • Urban Rush, July 2008
  • The Lab with Leo, Episode #190
  • CBC Television, July 2008, CBC
  • CTV News, April 2007, Canucks Podcasting
  • CBC Television, April 2007, CBC

Radio Exposure

Radio interviews and segments.

  • Dotto Tech November 2012
  • News 1130 Radio – Various segments, January 2011 – Present
  • CBC Radio – Various, August 2011
  • CBC Food Bank Day – Prize sponsorship December 2010
  • CBC Radio 3 – Appetite for Destruction – February 2010
  • WNYC The Takeaway – February, 2010
  • News 1130 – February, 2010
  • Talk 1410, Weekly Segment with Pat and Val, 2008 – 2009
  • The CBC’s Early Edition with Rick Cluff, April 09, 2008
  • CBC Radio – January 4, 2008, BC Almanac (audio)

Print Exposure

Newspaper & magazine articles about or quoting Rebecca Bollwitt.