step down step up

Monday, March 20th, 2006 — 6:57pm PDT
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please move to the back of the bus – and please learn to use your reading skills so if youve never taken a vancouver city bus before you know (by reading the sign) to step down on the top step and the back door will open– instead of yelling, screaming and whining when you miss your stop because you stand on top of the stairwell like a stupidhead.
It’s the 2nd inning and japan is up 4-1 over cuba oh my! i’m citing baseball scores! i hate to say it but this is slightly more exciting than canucks games lately. we have 3 in a row vs edmonton and we better make something happen – thursday, ppv at the fogg. bring your drinkin’ pants.

tell me i'm wrong

Monday, March 20th, 2006 — 4:03pm PDT
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in the absence of my ipod im borrowing john’s today. when we’re at home he’ll party shuffle while we cook or get ready in the mornings and i really enjoy his selection – i’ve been addicted to South lately and just recently to Longwave. they’ve been featured on in the past and boy oh boy – they have some nice tunes. check ’em out at at and South at — we’ll have to check them out when they play the Red Room April 20th

much fun city

Sunday, March 19th, 2006 — 5:14pm PDT
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went out on the town last night – john’s second “night on the town” since arriving in october. sure we go out for dinner and to the pub for games and stuff – but this was like… out for dinner… drinkin… dancing… getting home uber-late and not remembering a few details about the night except knowing that you had a kickass time.
my cousin’s wife heidi had her first night out since having baby Kaylee in january – it was much deserved. met up with my brother in law and some other friends. the music selection was well… somewhat “diverse” to put it mildly but with good spirits flowing it was a great time.

the others left around 11:30 and my husband and i stuck around. we shook our groove thangs, salsa’d, cha cha’d, boogied and made out on the dance floor. we’re pretty lucky to have found each other – and to be comfortable enough with each other to dance like complete fools and not even care – we just appreciate and love each other that much more for being able to just be who we are. mush mush mush sorry laura :p

fresh sunday

Sunday, March 19th, 2006 — 4:42pm PDT
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at work, trying not to be bored – trying not to jinx things so that 50 million jobs come in and i’ll be so incredibly busy. just browsing some blogs and i scooped up these pics of my wedding courtesy of anne.
going to gather some pics up from last night and post them as well. i really don’t want to be here right now but it ain’t so bad. i have popcorn, tunes and my shoes are off. yes, they’re off. due to celtfest this weekend all the buses have been outta whack. had to take the bus to burrard then hastings and walk up to work – it aint that inconvenient but today’s just been full of running around. i could really use a nap.


Saturday, March 18th, 2006 — 5:03pm PDT
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coincidence – could they have used that word more? we saw V for Vendetta last night with my brother. it was good – i think john enjoyed it a lil more than i did though. about 10 mins left to the movie, everything is climaxing, i’m totally getting into it, and ZOOOOOP! the power goes out. movie off. house lights on. umm…. yeah… so the 200+ people in the theatre are a lil dumbfounded at first… then you overhear the misc. comments “huh?” “what?” “whatta cliffhanger!” “aw man i was just getting into it” hehe… within a few mins the movie picked up again but it really soured things for me. we all got free passes to go back to the theatre but yeah… it was entertaining, humorous, the action or sexy bits weren’t gratuitous… yes, enjoyable – but not rave-tastic.

he gone

Saturday, March 18th, 2006 — 2:13pm PDT
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seriously, i hate baseball. it’s a bunch of lazy men standing around scratching themselves and occasionally hitting a ball with a bat…. BUT… i promised John that since we’re married and I make him watch all these top model shows and crap – that he can watch Cubs games this spring/summer :p
i mean i love PLAYING baseball, i love playing most sports but watching it is as bad as watching golf on TV (which i also enjoy actually playing – not watching). oh and i also love baseball movies: a league of their own, the sandlot, field of dreams (okay well they’re fluffy baseball movies but still).

So we started off the morning walking to the store, the market, then making a breakfast and watching Cubs vs Sox – which was a total snooze-fest UNTIL john turned on the World Baseball Classic. OH BOY! seriously, this is the one of the only times i’ve ever appreciated the skill, talent, sportsmanship, athletic ability and actual excitement that this game has. not to mention the extremly fun time the fans are having in the stands – music, dancing– i wanna salsa!

it took watching Dominican Republic vs Cuba (and we saw another game the other day too) combined with catching a Red Sox game at Fenway in 2003, to realize that just maybe… MAYBE… there could be more to baseball that i just haven’t discovered yet — it’s worth a shot. the final on monday (winner of Korea/Japan vs winner of Domincan Rep/Cuba) be sure to catch it on sportsnet at 6pm 🙂