Monday Afternoon Link Fest: Video Rant Edition

March 17th, 2008 @ 6:06pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

At last week’s podcaster meetup Matt brought up the fact that the quality of comments goes way down when you look at online video. Go ahead and open something up on YouTube and the first say, 50 comments will be about how the person sucks, the band sucks, or how whatever was posted is the worst thing someone’s ever seen.

Photo Credit: lyteforce on Flickr

First off, isn’t the golden rule usually, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it?”. I personally dislike mean and rude comments (who wouldn’t) so it’s my right as a blog owner to deny the publishing of said comments. Whenever I disagree with something on someone else’s blog I either write my own opinion in a constructive manner, as they are free to do in my comments. But if something stirs up any negative emotions, I just remember for a minute how it feels to receive a not-nice comment, and I hold my tongue (or fingers as it were). However, at but at no point do I ever feel the need to tell someone they flat out suck.

I propose we apply the Blogger’s Code of Conduct to the video blogging world as well.

With that said, here’s a mini link fest – a Miss604 link love special since 2006.

  • Thanks to Darren Barefoot, my husband and I have our photo (with credit) in the Wall Street Journal [DarrenBarefoot][WallStreetJournal]
  • Metroblogging Vancouver has a new author, Stephen Rees, whose first post is up. If you’d also like to write for Metblogs feel free to contact us.
  • There seems to be a divide in this city when it comes to microblogging sites. Are you on Jaiku? Pownce? Twitter? All three? Which is your fave? Victoria has already stated her preference. Also, have you read up on your Twitter Etiquette?
  • Tanya (NetChick) is moving and is getting rid of some household items, a list of which is located on her blog. I believe as of this morning the glass table was still up for grabs.
  • Zanstorm of Waiting for Stanley was a guest host on the latest episode of The Crazy Canucks podcast.

  • Video Podcast Episode 1 Kinda

    March 17th, 2008 @ 2:43pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

    Not up for writing a post this morning, or yesterday really for that matter, I sat down at our iMac and recorded a quick 17 minute video podcast. Basically I wanted to wrap up the SXSW series, give some shout outs and name drops, and show off a few new tshirts thanks to John Biehler.

    I did edit out all my coughing and you can actually see my hair getting dryer as the video goes on but just remember, I’m not a professional, this is just for fun.

    Also, I’m having a few issues with Viddler as this video isn’t actually working for me, although it does look like it’s uploaded. Hopefully the good folks over there will be able to figure this out, but in the meantime here it is in lovely flash player form (although now the audio and video are off *sigh*)

    Update: It seems as though nothing it working at this point so here’s a photo of the SXSW shirt supplied by John.

    Also, here are some links to names of products I mention in the episode:

    - Altoids
    - Vancouver Metblogs
    - Utterz

    E Pauline Johnson Opera

    March 16th, 2008 @ 4:48pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

    Our good friend Henry, who spends time all across the world but is still nice enough to send links our way for blogging purposes, sent along a this information.

    A new Canadian chamber opera based on the life of the late writer, poet and actress Pauline Johnson will have its world premiere in Vancouver in two years….

    Pauline was written by Margaret Atwood with music composed by Christos Hatzis. It is the first commission ever undertaken by City Opera Vancouver, which announced the project in Vancouver on Tuesday… [CBC]

    This sparked my interest not only because it involves one of Canada’s most esteemed novelists and poets (two of them really), but also because I was recently reminded of the work of Pauline Johnson.

    Pauline deals with questions of dualism. Pauline Johnson (1861-1913) was a woman ahead of her time, traveling across Canada, the United States and Great Britain giving readings of her own work in an era when such female independence was rare and remarkable. She was the child of a Mohawk chief and a Quaker Englishwoman, always torn by loyalty and ambition. She was a popular stage figure who was in private deeply insecure.[CityOperaVancouver]

    Pauline passed away in 1913 after a battle with breast cancer, and her ashes are scattered at Stanley Park. I have yet to check out the monument in her honor, but I have avoided some of the places in the park she spoke of in some spooky legends.

    City Opera Vancouver hopes to stage the world premiere in the 100-year-old Pantages Theatre in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside during January or February 2010. Plans are in the works to renovate the now-derelict theatre. [CBC]

    Side note about the Pantages Theatre, during its heyday it hosted stars like Charlie Chaplin, Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth. Also, a nephew of the original Mr Pantages, Peter Pantages, took over the theatre in the 1920s and also founded Vancouver’s Polar Bear Club.

    I haven’t been to the opera since I saw La Boheme in high school, but I’m definitely interested to see how Pauline’s prose, adapted for music by Margaret Atwood, will play out in one of Vancouver’s more historical venues come 2010.

    Vancouver does SXSW: SWAG

    March 15th, 2008 @ 7:18pm (PT) by John Biehler

    Contributed by John Biehler

    Once again, SXSW Interactive dropped a huge pile of swag on all attendees.

    The first year I attended, I ended up having to get an additional bag for all the goodies on the way home. Where possible, I brought extra swag for coworkers that didn’t make it to the conference and it was much appreciated…even if it ended up as a cubicle feeding frenzy once I dumped it out on my desk.

    Last year, I planned ahead and had a lot of extra room in my main bag (I packed lighter for the warm weather) and which was overweight upon checking in at the airport to come home (by 5 pounds) so I simply pulled out some magazines and put them in my carry-on.

    This year, I just brought a bigger suitcase and was still 16 pounds over upon leaving. I brought an extra carry-on for all the books and pulled it and the paper goods out….and the check in attendant let me go even though I was still about 4-5 pounds over.

    Aside from a pile of free t-shirts from all kinds of places, here’s a few shots of some of the stuff that was picked up on the trade show floor – a few purchased items from the Make store or via donations to Creative Commons (CC/Mozilla Moleskin FTW!) and a few trinkets from my brief stopover at BarCamp Austin:

    Photo Credit: John Biehler on Flickr

    Here’s a video of me dumping out and going through the swag bag you get as an Interactive attendee. If you attended the Music, Film or had a Gold/Platinum badge, you’d get additional bags for those events too.

    I shudder to think how much paper was wasted (and not recycled) from the thousands of bags issued to attendees:

    Contributed by John Biehler

    A guest post by John Biehler

    Guest contributor John Biehler is an avid photographer, gadget geek and traveler. He has filled in for Rebecca on several media travel trips and provides stunning video and photos from these adventures.

    Vancouver does SXSW: Zuckerberg Keynote Fails Miserably

    March 15th, 2008 @ 9:00am (PT) by Guest Author

    Contributed by Colleen of Shot Heard Round the Web

    By now, if you pay attention to the tech news at all, you’ll have heard about the absolute train wreck the Mark Zuckerberg keynote was at South by Southwest. I’m not chiming in with anything particularly new I don’t think, but I did want to offer up my take, especially after taking some time to digest it and talk to some people about it.

    Photo Credit: Kris Krug on Flickr

    The general consensus is that Sarah Lacy of Business Week did a shite job. Her interview was pure fluff and was completely lacking in actual questions. More than once, Zuck said “was that a question?” It was almost as though she went out of her way to embarass the poor guy and was more interested in landing a piece of him for herself than she was in actually asking questions that mattered to the three rooms full of geeks watching.

    Zuckerberg has been very very carefully media trained, and whoever he worked with did a good job. He stayed on message, never ever deviating, and was about as flat as he was on 60 minutes. I think that’s his “interview” face. Or his schtick – one or the other. He’s still very young and needs some more time to become better at the interviews, better at answering questions without sounding like he’s simply repeating what he was taught. I don’tparticularly like it, and agree with the twitterer in BlogHaus who said “Zuckerberg is about as articuate as a rock”, but I’ll cut him a tiny bit of slack because he is so young.

    My problem was with Sarah and the fact that she acted like a ditz; twirling her hair, asking about his thoughts on his “Forbes Youngest Billionaire” status and doing the leg-uncross-recross-and-lean-in-show you my-cleavage move. Telling stories about Mark that sounded like she was trying to prove to the audience that she knew him and that in turn, managed to embarrass him. There was nothing good about the interview (scratch that, it wasn’t an interview; it was a conversation between two people, only on stage) and it set twitter on fire with people talking about it and riffing on the in room hecklers.

    QueenofSpain (Erin Kotecki Vest) [@queenofspain], HuffPo contributor among others, has offered her take here; Brian Solis talked to Sarah herself to find out what her thoughts were. There’s lots more. Just Google it.

    The one redeeming thing that Zuck did was to co-opt some time at the Facebook Developers conference and do an Open Q&A. I haven’t heard, or looked for, many response to this move yet, but I’m applauding the move from a PR point of view.

    Contributed by Colleen of Shot Heard Round the Web

    Massive Technology Show: Panel Update

    March 14th, 2008 @ 12:01pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

    This April I’ve been invited to be a panelist at the Massive Technology Show. The panels have been announced, and the speaker bio pages are now up on the show’s website.

    Photo Credit: Jeffery Simpson on Flickr – From the Miss604 Group Pool

    I’ve discovered that my panel, New Media: Collaboration in Business, will be moderated by social media guru (and hilariously witty) Monica Hamburg, and I’ll be alongside Linda Bustos (super e-commerce blogger), Rob Cottingham (of Social Signal and responsible for those great Facebook comics) and Warren Baxley of Intercall, with whom I’m unfamiliar but I’m sure I’ll learn more on the day of the panel.

    To attend this portion of the conference, you’ll need an All Access pass.

    Vancouver does SXSW: I (heart) Austin

    March 14th, 2008 @ 10:55am (PT) by Guest Author

    Contributed by Colleen of Shot Heard Round the Web

    Austin is fabulous. I officially love this city.

    Photo Credit: Chris Heuer on Flickr

    This is my first SxSW experience and it’s nothing at all like i expected. I stopped going to the panels after my first two (tho I did make an exception for Blame Canada…) and hung out in the hallways, on the tradeshow floor and best of all, in the AMD sponsored BlogHaus.

    Difficult little room to find, but once you got in there, snacks, beer (or coffee in the morning) power strips, internet connections, Guitar Hero III and internet A Listers abounded. The Austin Conference Centre is laid out in the oddest way. When you first come in, you go from the first floor directly to the fourth. Bloghaus was on the 3rd floor. For the first day, I was actually fairly convinced that Texas just didn’t bother to use the numbers 2 and 3. It’s not that everything is bigger in Texas, it’s just that they can’t count.

    I met a good portion of my Twitter friends on this trip, and hung out with the Vancouver tech contingent more in Austin than I do at home. John Biehler, Peter Andersen, Tod Maffin, Phillip Jeffrey, Roland Tanglao… there are a TON of Canadians here. Last year, Twitter was the rock star of SxSWi, and everyone was trying to predict what this year’s Twitter would be. Canada is this year’s Twitter. 2008, we’re the rock stars of SouthBy.

    I could have told them that tho.

    Contributed by Colleen of Shot Heard Round the Web

    Win Tickets to The Submarines

    March 14th, 2008 @ 5:25am (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

    As we gear up for concert season, our dance card is getting pretty full. Luckily a lot of great bands tend to make their way over to our fair city to treat us with some excellent live shows – which are always a good time. It just so happens that through the magic of my contact form, and the band’s management, I have two tickets to give away for upcoming concert at The Plaza Club featuring The Submarines.

  • What: Bellx1 (with The Submarines)
  • When: March 29th, 2008
  • Where: The Plaza Club on Granville
  • About The Submarines: “The Submarines are an indie pop band from Los Angeles, California…” [wiki]
  • Side note: In 2006 The Submarines made the component tracks for their song “Peace & Hate” available for remix under a by nc-sa Creative Commons license (same as the license on on the Jamglue online mixing site as a contest.

    From what I’ve heard so far, The Submarines seem to have the 1 man, 1 women element of Mates of State, plus the softer melodies of Stars. You can visit their Facebook page, sample a few songs on their MySpace, and here’s a little something from YouTube:

    If you’d like to go to the concert, simply leave a comment below and as usual with my contests, I’ll draw the winners name. The deadline to enter is March 24th, 2008 – Good luck!