give me the colours of a different light

April 4th, 2006 @ 12:36pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt
24 last night was fantastic – i’m sure laura will be blogging about it soon. speaking of 24…i was just out for my lunch break, walkin’ around… and almost got karate chopped by the 24 hours guy on our corner. now i know talking about dailies hander-out-er people is SO craigslist ie. metro girl on corner of whatever and whatever u r hott. but still, this guy is fun. i don’t mind being almost karate chopped. he’s all swinging his arms around and staring you down when you don’t take a paper, it’s fun.
canucks… um .. don’t really seem like there’s any kind of urgency registering. crow was like – ooh we played well, they played well and gosh … they just won. um yes… i’m still behind them 100% but i’m thinking everyone in the city is a little worried. and don’t get me started on all the PPV games… just glad i didn’t pay for the last two.

a while back john “won” some coffee from the clubside breakfast podcast in olympia, WA. it was really yummy organic stuff and we’re currently looking for something to replace it since we’re all out. where’s a good place to get some yummy dark roast organic beans in vancouver? i know there’s probably a kabillion but any suggestions?

we communicate by semaphore

April 3rd, 2006 @ 9:56pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

laura made me sign up for epass on the CCRA website. at first i was annoyed that my activation code had to be mailed to me (and took 4 days) but i found out friday that my return will be directly deposited april 6th, and it’s a rather yummy one at that.
within the next few weeks we have a trip to the okanagan, Easter (which means lots of food, family and candies), South concert, Mates of State concert, the Sun Run, a wedding I was supposed to attend with my sister, my nephew’s birthday and about 50 million other things…

saturday we were up at 7am for a run, then science world, then a walk home from there – then a walk over to davie for lunch. sunday we were up at 7am because i had to go into work for a meeting — yes a MEETING sunday morning… mimosas were served (I’m a married woman, please don’t call me that) because we bought some american company but still…. no sleeping in at all for me since… um … ever.

EDIT: speaking of Okanagan wine, several big label under Vincor are now owned by our pals south of the border

i cant decide whether this post is cranky, sleepy, happy or ‘meh’. i think it’s ‘meh’. just an update on what’s going on in these parts. gotta bed now, gettin up at 5:30am to go for a run since i changed my work schedule. a plus side though since john heard the building maintenance guy outside today powerwashing the deck of the pool. working til not-so-late…. pool… summer… beaches… mm yes… good thoughts before i sleep.


March 31st, 2006 @ 4:03pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

elements of fun-ness

March 31st, 2006 @ 11:49am (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt
the not fun: read the latest developments surrounding the Daily Breakfast podcast on John’s blog. Show some support for one of the most interesting, diverse and amusing podcasts out there by taking a look.
EDIT: April Fools :) gosh, that guy!! he suckered a LOT of people….

now the fun: snow patrol has a new album out and will be touring. i saw them last year at the Vogue with Embrace and it was a lovely show indeed. fun: holly mcnarland has an album not fun: we don’t know when it’s coming out fun: she’s got a booking agency saying she’s ready to book for shows not fun: we don’t know where and when.

fun: canucks game tonight vs the wild at home.

not fun: this format is already annoying me :p

super mega fun: taking the niece and nephews to science world tomorrow — oops i mean “Science World at Telus World of Science” *cough*… yeah… so my sister said the kids want to skytrain out and we’ll meet them there in the morning. oh man, i haven’t been there in ages but it was always a hectic, run-amoky-fun day when we went with school groups. so many things to look at, touch, feel, see, electrocute …. the last time i went tanya had me sit on this contraption and hold these levers… within a few minutes it calculated what minerals your body is comprised of, how much, and their current worth on world markets today. so basically i would be worth $3.40 if sold off as scrap metal – that’s fun.

BBC…not yet

March 30th, 2006 @ 12:06pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt
A while back my husband was contacted by a student in England (originally from Spain, I believe) who was doing a project on Podcasting and requested an interview with him. John answered his questions during one of his podcasts and the final result is now posted. The student, Manuel, put together an entire site that looks like a BBC page full of technology articles – and featuring one on Podcasting. There are interviews with serveral podcasters, a quote from John, and even a picture of the two of us. I’m not sure how ‘top secret’ his project is (although I hear it may actually be picked up by the BBC) so I’m just posting screenshots.

There are endless benefits to podcasting and being a listener and as John asserts (quite often) you do NOT need an iPod to enjoy.

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the real humans won't burn quite so fast

March 29th, 2006 @ 10:55am (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt
so counterparts in our Toronto office think they have it really bad in that big ol city. I found out recently that they get paid more than we do for doing the same job. Now this could be based on many factors (seniority, work load etc) but the main reason i’m hearing is the cost of living is higher in Toronto. I look at the rent check i’m writing and i somewhat disagree.
According to this story on the CBC site today, housing costs in Vancouver are the highest in the country. I decided to see what i could google to get a bit more info… according to FinFacts, toronto is the most expensive city in Canada (ranked 82 in the world) and Vancouver is not far behind at 87th. There are many travel sites, relocation guides and publications available that will help you calculate what you’d best be able to afford in Canadian/North American cities. In all of them Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal top the list for Canada. The topic has been discussed at length and I’m still googling around to get more hard facts.

Regardless I think it’s maybe better that Toronto is less expensive in the long run – then more people will move there (to the big stinky city) and leave our ocean beaches, mountains trails and forest paths less crowded — for those who can afford the parking… rent… transit…. taxes… etc… of course.

EDIT: Just came across Anthony’s blog where he compares everything from the cost of living between Vancouver and other int’l cities to what orange juicewill cost you around the world :p

ain't i a stinker

March 28th, 2006 @ 1:50pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt

i had a dream i was fighting a t-rex, was on his back and reaching around the front to plug his nose so he would choke/not be able to breathe and give up … i forget how it ended :-\

okay… canucks… eeee! 7-4 over the kings last night. lost a lil momentum there in the second but managed to pull off a victory. Auld was excellent – Cooke got the rink all bloody and Burrows got a hat trick (although wasn’t there speculation that it was Kesler’s goal?).

i’ve gone comment crazy lately, leaving comments on blogs left n right. i mean they’re blogs i check out on a daily basis but this week i’ve decided to add my two cents and feedback and things….

Tonight we suckered Laura into coming over for the Amazing Race. We’re going to catch it a 7pm on the east coast channel since we’ll be too dead tired come 10:00.

oh yeah and i opened up my parcel from Sleeman Breweries yesterday – a hat (which i ran in this morning) and a t-shirt. the run this morning was around the west end/coal harbour/stanley park. 6am oooooh boy. i need to get me some new shorts because i have a perma-wedge the entire time. either that or i should just wear pants but i cant seem to get comfy running in pants. my muscles are sore, mind is a lil tired, but this actually does feel really great.

Info on running in vancouver…
Visitors’ running guide,
best routes,
map your route/distance (super cool),
whole bunch of links from Rackets & Runners,
and the Running Room (for the most detailed route maps around vancouver).
EDIT: Thanks to Wynne over at Metroblogging, i’ve discovered Gmaps Pedometer – totally worth checking out!

it'll bring the house down

March 27th, 2006 @ 2:44pm (PT) by Rebecca Bollwitt
I just signed us up for the Sun Run – next one is the Run for Light – super fun. I did the Run for the Cure earlier this year and hopefully we can find more events like this that we can participate in. I went running with John again over the weekend and we’ll go again tomorrow at 6am. I’m more of a morning runner, I have a harder time heading out after work. 7am Sunday was a lovely time since hardly anyone was out except for a few poshies in coal harbour with their puntable doggies w/sweaters.

we’re a lil miffed that we didn’t know about this sooner – a humega vancouver pillow fight… man that would have been fun :p

laura’s been a blog machine lately, she’s totally into everything TV so if you’re into the latest hot shows etc, check out her blog, she covers it all (even if youre into this uh aussie soap opera that she watches faithfully) she also takes a few stabs at john and i now and then… and comments on new hot celebs… hot damn.

OH and my “major prize” arrived via Purolator today from Sleeman Breweries (re: my typo-catch last week). it’s sitting at home, I wouldn’t let john open it yet. he said it feels like a mug… or a hat… or a shirt and a mug – darn and i was hoping for a leg lamp.